Monday, November 10, 2008

single shoe sale

I went shopping today and found a pair of shoes that I really liked, which in itself is odd because I don't like to shop, and I really don't like to shop for shoes. But anyway, I've lost a fair bit of weight in the last few months and don't know what size I am anymore. Even my shoe size seems to have changed! So I tried on a pair of 8's and they were too big. Then I tried on a pair of 7.5's and one fit great, but the other was uncomfortably tight. So I tried a pair of 7.5W's and the one that was tight was now perfect! But the other one was too loose. So one foot is a 7.5 and one is a 7.5W.

Does anyone know of a store that sells shoes as singles instead of pairs?


Ter said...

Hey, last time I looked you didn't have anything posted here!! so here I am now, and am going to catch up. I'm following you too, with my regular blog!!

I would just like to thank you for following our cancer blog the last few months and all the support you have offered. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Ter said...

Okay so now I actually READ this post so I can comment on the post itself.

I have always had so much trouble buying shoes. I have odd feet too. I sometimes wish I was rich so I could have my shoes custom made to fit me, clothes too. I have such an odd shaped body. if it fits me around the middle, it's too big on the top, or if it fits my waist then the pant legs are too wide. wait is there a theme here? yes, my middle is too big!

I was loosing weight for a while but I have not been to curves since before B died and I just can't get myself to go. I am considering whether i should put my membership on hold or if I should just force myself to go, I really liked it there and it helped but I have a hard time even getting up off the couch these days. I need a gym buddy.

oops, didn't mean to turn your post about shoes into a woe-is-me topic! ;)